Welcome! It is to our great pleasure to establish this WIKI Space for CLCSA: Chinese Language Curriculum Studies Association. We are based in South Australia, Australia.

The Chinese Language Curriculum Studies Association, is established to:

  • foster discussion on Chinese language learning for both first and second language learners;
  • engage in curriculum development using theoretical and practical perspectives;
  • disseminate ideas and information relevant to policy, curriculum teaching and assessment of Chinese language learning.


1) To identify, describe and provide advice on

  • the Chinese language teaching community
    • who are we
    • where we come from
    • issues for teachers including novice / experienced Chinese 1st Language, 2nd Language teachers
  • the Chinese second language curriculum (primary / secondary), issues for Chinese second language learners - and issues of eligibility
  • the Chinese first language curriculum and issues for first language learners

2) To actively engage in curriculum development for Chinese language in SA, and nationally, including – responding to providing advice on policy, including national initiatives in curriculum design, resourcing implementation and assessment.

3) To assist in the dissemination of information and promoting discussion of contemporary language policy, curriculum and practice in Australia, and overseas, including research into teaching and learning, and the implications of these for the Chinese classroom.

For more information about the CLCSA, please contact the President, Fangfang Qiu:

CLCSA Inc PO Box 10038 Adelaide SA 5000

Most Recent Update:

Our workshop on the 21st and 28th of May was a success

Very possitive feedback from participants


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